Hello and welcome! I'm Mackenzie -- Minnesota lifestyle photographer. I grew on the East Coast and now happily call St. Paul, Minnesota home. My dad, Merrill, both inspired my middle name and my love for capturing life's moments.

I love working with natural light and have a passion for combining design, photography, products and people to create joy-filled images.  Whether it's freezing time with your family, documenting new life, celebrating next steps or highlighting cherished products, I'll be there along the way to document what's most important to you. 

My sessions are structured in a way that helps you  to feel your most comfortable.  I do this by first getting to know a little bit about you and then we talk about what you would like out of our session together. 

Please feel free to reach out so we can have a chat, I'd love to work with you!



Motherhood has given me focus, humility and perspective. My own rambunctious, adventurous quad squad. Go Team Harding!

being a mother

On sandwiches, pizza, salads and everything in between.  Tomatoes fresh mozzarella and balsamic is the best combo!

balsamic vinegar

Spent a good chunk of my childhood growing up in Park Slope!

brooklyn, ny




a few of my favorite things...

real moments


gorgeous florals

Photography is the art of Capturing connection, freezing the fleeting moment, and harnessing the humanity that binds us together